Throughout the world, Functional Strength and Conditioning has grown rapidly since CVCF opened in 2010. All CrossFit gyms are not created equal. Just because a gym has "X" name on it, does not mean it's the same product as another gym. While we believe we offer the best training experience around at CVCF, we do believe it is important to shop around. When you choose a doctor, dentist, or vet, do you immediately pick the one that is closest or most convenient, not likely. You pick the one that you know has a good reputation, offers the best service, or has been recommended by a reliable source. We feel the process shouldn’t differ with the Vermont CrossFit gym you choose. We feel strongly that if the gym is your main outlet for fitness, it will have a critical bearing on your health, happiness and longevity, and we believe we offer the best Functional Strength and Conditioning facility and service to accomplish an improvement in all aspects of your life. Click this link to read more about Champlain Valley Community Fitness.


Our CrossFit Classes are designed around the ideals behind classic CrossFit. We focus on constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. We program the wide array of movement patterns, and domains that are included in the Sport of CrossFit, along with using the wide array of tools, such as Kettlebell, Dumbbells, Barbell, D-Balls, Sleds, etc.. This program covers all the bases for the everyday CrossFit enthusiast.

Our Strength and Conditioning program is designed for those looking for something a little different than CrossFit. We use more classical Powerlifting/Bodybuilding/Functional training, coupled with high intensity GPP (general physical preparedness) conditioning workouts to keep the everyday person strong and fit. These classes have less skill and mobility intensive movements than our CrossFit classes, and are a great place for those looking for some basic strength and conditioning training to keep individuals fit and healthy for their activities and life.

Burn is our version of a boot-camp class...except that having a facility with tons of gear means all of our athletes are working together at once doing the same thing. This is a barbell FREE class, with a focus on using Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medballs, Bikes, Battle Ropes, etc. packed into a 50 minute non-stop conditioning effort. This is the class for  those of you who just like to grind it out and sweat!