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Since Champlain Valley Community Fitness Opened in 2010 we’ve been continually evolving every aspect of our business, from how our classes are run, to changes in how we structure workouts, and changing the way we intro new athletes to our facility. We’ve done large groups, we’ve done small groups, we’ve done privates, we’ve done a couple of intensive sessions, we’ve done drawn out 4 week long Prep Course sessions, and we’ve let people just hop into classes. We’ve learned a lot with all of this and are really excited to offer two path to joining CVCF.

Over the last 10+ years we’ve had a number of people through our doors with a wide range of abilities. The most common theme we have seen during this time is our everyday prospective client more often than not telling us they know what they’re doing in the gym and 9 times out 10 they have very little understanding of how to properly move and perform movements. Because of this we’ve always required an introduction program for almost all of our athletes. At the same time this intro program has turned many away because they are looking for immediate access to classes.

So, over the last couple of years we’ve worked to designed two outlets for athletes to join. One is our Prep Course Introductory program, this is done privately, 1-on-1, and is what almost all of our athletes have gone through since 2010. This is a great entry for those who are a little unsure of what we do and aren’t afraid to admit it…even some of the most capable individuals we’ve had go through our course have always come out with some knowledge and found it a worthwhile experience.

Our other entrance option is just to join our classes and follow our “Strength and Conditioning” programming for your first 8 weeks of training. Our “Strength and Conditioning” program was specifically designed, and then re-vamped a few times over the years, finally getting to the point where it is now designed to allow people with little to no gym experience hop right into classes. You can read more about our “Strength and Conditioning” programming as well as the rest of our training structures and beliefs at the link HERE

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Prep Course

First and foremost, why an Intro program? In short, because we want you to be successful. You may be reading this, contemplating joining your first gym, you could also be reading this contemplating joining your 5th, 10th, maybe even 20th gym. Regardless of where you fall, we want this to be the last gym you join. We truly want our clients to be successful, and being successful for you, means us taking the time to learn about you, get an idea of your past, your current lifestyle habits, where you want to go, what your goals are. This will give us the information to guide you in the best possible manner, and it will also help give you as an athlete some insight into what you actually need to do to get the results you want…this allows both parties to be knowledgeable and accountable for your success, and gives us some finite goals, themes, objectives, and recommendations to help you be as successful as possible in your health and fitness endeavors.

What does our Prep Course program look like? Starting in 2019 we’ve moved to a truly personable Prep Course program that we believe will set you up to be as successful and prepared as possible for your fitness and health endeavors at Champlain Valley CrossFit.

Our Prep Course program looks like this:

  • 30 minute Consultation with your Prep Course Coach. Here we’re looking to learn about you, what your past fitness endeavors are, do you have any injuries, do you have any specific goals, what are you eating habits like, etc. etc. (this can be done in conjunction with your first instructional session if desired).
  • 4 x 1 Hour Private Training Sessions. These are where you will cover the fundamental movements we use in the gym. While you won’t cover everything we do, you’ll cover the building blocks to get you started on your path to success at Champlain Valley Community Fitness. These sessions will give you a how and why for the movements covered, as well as allow your Prep Course Coach to get some eyes on you, how you move, where you might be limited, etc.
  • First Class. Just as it says, get to your first class. Your Prep Course Coach will walk through the entire class with you. They won’t be teaching the class, they will be there specifically to guide you through the class so you can get a feel for how things run.
  • 6 and 12 month Check-In. Your Prep Course Coach will do a check-in either face-to-face, phone call, or e-mail with you at 6 months and 12 months from your initial start date to see how things are going and help provide you with guidance and direction towards your goals.


This comprehensive and intimate introductory to CrossFit has been designed to set you up for maximal success. You may think this seems a little overboard, you’re just looking to workout right? Sure, but spending just a half dozen hours to get in the door can truly help set you up for years of progress and success, and you’ll be that much better for it. We want to see you get fitter, stronger, happier, healthier, and we believe our Prep Course program is the most in depth and most developed around.

The cost for our Prep Course program is $300. This includes all of the above, along with a free 1-month unlimited membership that is initiated at your first 1-on-1 session (a $175 value). Our goal is to get you through the Prep Course program in a 7-10 day time frame so that you can maximize use of the free month included in this package.

If you’re interested in starting an amazing new health and fitness journey with us please e-mail us HERE  or fill out the form below and we’ll get you going as soon as we can.


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