CrossFit Coaches


Since 2010 our coaching staff has been developed through a true passion for CrossFit and our community. Each and every one of our coaches have come out of our community. We all have a deep love and passion for not only CrossFit but the people we work and train with every day. Our staff prides itself on interest and care in our community first and foremost. We are not a business filled with employees who are just looking for another job.


Jade Jenny

Jade is the head trainer and co-owner of Champlain Valley Community Fitness. Like most CrossFitters, Jade became addicted to CrossFit when he found it in the summer of 2009. Before CrossFit Jade followed the traditional global gym, body builder routine, but after going through “Fran” as his first workout, he knew there would be no going back to curls and leg extensions. Shortly after finding CrossFit, Jade found there was no affiliate in Vermont and set out to open Vermont’s first CrossFit affiliate. Although CVCF is not the first affiliate in Vermont, it is the first in Chittenden county and the 2nd in Crossfit Gym in Vermont. Jade dedicates most of his life to the entire lifestyle of CrossFit, reading, watching, training, learning, so that he can ever improve himself as a coach, educator and athlete.   Jade believes that the CrossFit lifestyle is the key to becoming a healthy, happy, fit individual, and wants to introduce it to all that are interested. Jade is a native Vermonter, he attended High School in South Burlington, and received his B.S in Business, Summa Cum Laude from Champlain College.

Fitness Accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • CrossFit Nutrition Certification
  • UCI Pro License in Downhill Mountain Biking
  • Green Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate
  • Blue Belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • CPR Certified

Danielle Horan

Danielle Horan discovered CrossFit in 2010 as she was transitioning away from many years of competitive equestrian jumping. Looking for a sport where she could be truly challenged during every workout, it was a natural fit. Soon drawn to participate in CrossFit competitions, her dedication and hard work earned her top individual and team honors including the 2012 CrossFit Games in California. However, it’s her coaching and mentoring roles at Champlain Valley CrossFit that Dani cites as equally, if not more, rewarding. Whether a Vermont CrossFit gym member is working toward a small goal or a huge PR, Dani enjoys seeing all members embrace CrossFit, grow mentally, and succeed physically.

Fitness Accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • Member of 2012 18th Place Finishing CrossFit Games Team
  • 39th 2012 CrossFit Open Northeast
  • 1st 2012 Albany Throwdown @ CrossFit Albany
  • 1st 2011 Garage Games New England Finals @ CrossFit Southie
  • 1st 2011 New England Firebreather Festival @ CrossFit New England

crossfit coaches vermont

Laura Matuszak

Laura Matuszak received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Saint Michael’s College in 2008 and her BA from University of Michigan in 1994.  She has been involved in competitive swimming for thirty years, and is one of the founding members of Green Mountain Aquatics Swim Team.  Laura is an ASCA certified Level 4:3 Coach and has served the New England Swimming and the USA Swimming communities through various roles on the New England Swimming Board of Directors and as a coach on several Zone and National Select Camps.Laura was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 through USA Swimming and CrossFit Endurance-Swimming trainer, Brian Nabeta.  Like most CrossFitters, Laura was hooked from the first workout and her utter failure at CrossFit.  After a year of slow progress, steady weight loss and gradual fitness improvements, Laura achieved her Level 1 Certification in June of 2010. Laura feels incredibly fortunate to have found Champlain Valley CrossFit in the spring of 2011 and feels blessed to be part of the CVCF Community.  Laura loves coaching at Champlain Valley CrossFit and relishes the opportunity to teach the CrossFit movements, share the CrossFit fitness principles and encourage all of our members to reach their goals in life through their progress in CrossFit.

Fitness Accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification
  • CrossFit Endruance-Swimming Certification
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • Member of 2012 18th Place Finishing CrossFit Games Team
  • 80th 2012 CrossFit Open Northeast
  • ASCA certified Level 4:3

Ian Marquis

I first found my interest for working out and improving my body during high school when I took an early college prep course called fitness for life, I was hooked from the start. I attended Norwich University where I studied Sports Medicine/Health Science with a minor in Physical Education and was a varsity basketball player. During my time at Norwich, I found my calling. I was in love with the aspect of training, I loved the workouts we did and saw and felt the improvements to myself and to my game! My senior year I benched 350, squatted 425, hang cleaned 275 and had a vertical jump of 37”! I played as a small forward and often times had to play against athletes who were 4-5 inches taller than me but I was out rebounding them and boxing them out because I was stronger and in better shape.

I interned at Norwich with my mentor and Strength and Conditioning coach for my junior and senior year. I worked side by side with him working with every team we had in the weight room and learning everything I could about strength and conditioning. My second semester senior year I was driving every day from Norwich to UVM to intern with the UVM Athletic Performance department. I worked with Men’s basketball, Men’s lax , Men’s hockey, Women’s hockey and Women’s soccer. After Norwich I stayed on at UVM Athletic Performance working with multiple teams and coaching as much as I could.

After being at UVM for almost 2 years I found myself working for Peak Performance doing High School and Middle school strength and conditioning. I have worked with some of the best athletes in the area and have had a blast seeing them develop and get better! Recently I have become the Strength and Conditioning coach at Saint Michaels College for Men’s Basketball and Women’s Soccer and it has
been amazing!

I have a huge passion for coaching athletes and giving them and showing them the tools they
need to improve to get to the next level. My philosophy is to engrain the correct movement patterns to reduce injury and increase skill level. Then get my athletes stronger and more powerful and prep them for the higher level of athletics. I want to get all my athletes to the college level and see them succeed at that level! I have a true passion for getting the best out of anyone and love seeing the benefits of good smart training!

Betsy Baker

Betsy is a trainer at Champlain Valley CrossFit. Her athletic passions have evolved over time with marathon running, road biking, mountaineering and ice climbing among them. In 2002 she began a regular Bikram Yoga practice and became a certified instructor of the Bikram method in 2004. In June 2008, Betsy was a spectator at the East Coast CrossFit Challenge, a qualifying event for the CrossFit Games. Inspired by the strength, tenacity, and physicality of the event, she began her journey on a new definition of fitness. She loves the variety of the CrossFit method and finds personal challenge in every workout. Betsy became Level 1 Certified in August of 2009 and believes that individuals of all ages and athletic abilities can benefit from being CrossFit. A 49 year old native Vermonter, Betsy has a BA, MPA, and EdD from the University of Vermont where she has been working (and studying) for 23 years.

Fitness Accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification
  • Robb Wolf Paleo Seminar
  • Bikram Yoga Instructor

crossfit coaches tyler

Tyler Sandoval

Sefton Hirsch

Sefton comes from an outdoor athletic background of mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and paddle boarding. In 2010, shortly after CVCF opened it’s doors, he was looking for a way to stay in shape for the “in between” seasons. Since that first workout, Crossfit has become more of a mainstay in his lifestyle. Starting at the easiest scaled workouts and thinking it is physically impossible to complete workouts as RX’d, through consistent training he has been able to do workouts at all levels. After seeing the great impact it has made on his life he wanted to help spread this to others, gaining his Level 1 cert in 2012. While always striving for the personal PR, it is the community and supportive environment that

really drive him on a day to day basis. Sefton loves being a part of the community both as an

athlete and as coach, he is thankful for the opportunity to share this passion and healthy lifestyle with others.

  • Fitness Accomplishments:
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • Crossfit Weightlifter Trainer Certification