Why Champlain Valley Community Fitness?


If you’re currently reading this, then you clearly have an interest in becoming a fitter, healthier, and more capable human being. Before you step foot into Champlain Valley Community Fitness (CVCF), let us introduce ourselves.

Throughout the world, Functional Strength and Conditioning has grown rapidly since CVCF opened in 2010. All Gyms are not created equal. Just because a gym has “X” name on it, does not mean it’s the same product as another gym. While we believe we offer the best training experience around at CVCF, we do believe it is important to shop around. When you choose a doctor, dentist, or vet, do you immediately pick the one that is closest or most convenient, not likely. You pick the one that you know has a good reputation, offers the best service, or has been recommended by a reliable source. We feel the process shouldn’t differ with the gym you choose. We feel strongly that if the gym is your main outlet for fitness, it will have a critical bearing on your health, happiness and longevity, and we believe we offer the best Functional Strength and Conditioning facility and service to accomplish an improvement in all aspects of your life.


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So why should you choose Champlain Valley Community Fitness…


  • CVCF was the first gym of its type opened in Chittenden County and the second in the state of Vermont opening in September of 2010. Originally opened as a CrossFit gym, the first in the area and the second in the state, we’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years, and have some of the most experienced coaches and athletes in the area. We’ve been able to work with top coaches around the world, and have had opportunities and experiences that few in the strength and conditioning world ever get. All of this we’re able to bring back to the athletes at CVCF to help them become better versions of themselves.
  • Our head coaches have more coaching experience teaching CrossFit classes than any other gym around with owners Jade Jenny and Dani Horan teaching and running over 10,000 classes, helping athletes on all ends of the spectrum, from losing 50lbs and getting off the couch to competing at the CrossFit Games our coaching staff has truly worked with all levels of athletes.
  • We’ve worked with all ages and sizes from our kids’ program to some of our athletes that are over 70 and everything in between. From the super fit to completely sedentary, we guide our clients to find personal success and set them down a path that provides the opportunity for constant improvement and betterment of one physical and mental health. While we’ve heard from many in the community that we are known as the competitive gym, our average athlete is in their late 30’s, early 40’s and is training for fitness and wellness, not for competition.
  • However, if you are looking for that competitive flair, CVCF is the place. We’ve qualified individual athletes and several teams for Regionals and the CrossFit Games in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. In addition we’ve had plenty of athletes win local competitions around the North East. While our competitive group of athletes is small, some 5% of our athlete base, it is a talented one. If you’re looking to be competitive in the Sport of Fitness, or improve in your capacities in an existing sport you participate in, this is the place for you.
  • We understand that everyone has different needs. We’ve spent a lot of time developing a programming template that provides challenges for all of our athletes and allows them to get the most out of their training. One thing that is very important to us is that our philosophies, ideas, and methods are an ever evolving process. We aren’t stuck in our beliefs, because our beliefs are to constantly provide the best system for our athletes to train which means constantly looking to improve what we do. You can read about our WOD Paths HERE.
  • Our facility is second to none. While it certainly can be said that you don’t need anything fancy to do exercise, it’s also nice to have quality equipment and lots of it. CVCF is not only the most well equipped facility in Vermont, but one of the best in the country (we are well known for it, and when athletes visit from other areas they’re always wow’ed by our facility). We have everything a needed for a robust Strength and Conditioning program, not just space, but lots, and lots of gear that allows all athletes in class to work simultaneously.
  • Our community is the glue that provides energy and camaraderie essential for training. Our community is the best! We’ve helped hundreds of people become physically and mentally stronger, healthier, and happier. It will only take a matter of time before the habits and lifestyle of the amazing people that train at CVCF rub off on you, helping you become healthier, happier, and stronger.

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If you work hard and train regularly, CVCF will change your life for the better.

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If you’re interested in talking with someone, please shoot us an e-mail and we can setup a time to talk about your goals and give you a tour of our facility.  We will help you to invest in your health and happiness. If you already know that this is the place for you, you can check out our Prep Course program and Sign-up HERE.