Since Opening as the first CrossFit affiliate in Chittenden County in 2010 we’ve learned a lot about CrossFit, our current clients, our past clients, and our prospective clients. We know that not everyone is interested in learning how to lift a barbell, learn a kipping pull-up or any other of the more technically demanding movements that make-up the sport of CrossFit. While that’s an integral part of our CrossFit program and the sport of CrossFit, it, however, doesn’t have to be a central part of one’s fitness program. Rowers, Bikes, Running, Sleds, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Battles Ropes, and Jump Ropes. We’ve done our research, visiting such outfits like Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, and many of the local establishment that has built on the success of CrossFit but doesn’t actually call it that. We’ve worked hard to understand what else is out there and design a class that offers the best of CrossFit worked into a Boot Camp style format, and we believe we can do it better than anyone else around.

CrossFit Gym Vermont class


You’ve got nothing to lose. Your first 3 classes are on us. That’s right, they’re completely free. But the central reason you should come check out CrossFit Burn at CVCF is that it’s better than any of its competitors. If you’re one of those Boot Camp addicts that’s been going for years you’ve probably gotten at least a little tired of doing the same bodyweight exercises in different sequences, over and over, in the same small little area. Not going to happen here.

Champlain Valley CrossFit is a truly national level top-notch facility when it comes to CrossFit and the now, super effective, “functional fitness” craze. On top of having 10,000 square feet, we’re also packed to the gills with equipment. When we need, we’ve got the equipment to support our entire space being filled. You’re not going to be doing push-ups, squats, and your newest Burpee variation in here day in and day out. You’ll get to Row, Run, Ski and use our awesome Assault Bikes, Drag Sleds, Carry Kettlebells, Jump on Boxes, Hang From Rings, Throw Medicine Balls, and literally everything in between.

In addition, our coaching staff is trained in coaching, not yelling at people. We’ll leave the motivation up to the music blasting and the coaches will keep their eyes on you to make sure you’re moving safely and efficiently so that you can get the most out of your time here and ensure that you’re able to come back week after week. Coaching people through some of the most technically demanding movements out there like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, since 2010, and with a Physical Therapist on On-Site, we have a great understanding of how the body should and shouldn’t move. We’ll enable you to stay healthy, fit, and injury-free and achieve your athletic potential.

With the most experienced CrossFit coaching staff in the area, we work with those as young as 5 and as old as 70. Jade Jenny, Champlain Valley CrossFit’s owner has helped coach numerous athletes to the pinnacle of the sport, the CrossFit Games. What this means is that we’ve got a wealth of experienced coaching, but also a plethora of experienced programming and designing workouts for the masses as well as individual athletes. You’ll be kept on your toes in your CrossFit Burn class and can always be expecting to see a different twist, new movements, and new structure to keep class fresh and exciting.


Check HERE for the schedule. Classes will run for 1 hour, with approximately 10 minutes of intro/movement review and then a non-stop 45-minute workout with a constantly new and engaging blend of movements. This class is open to anyone, member or not. You do not need to go through our On-Ramp program to partake in CrossFit Burn classes. Again if you’re not currently a member at Champlain Valley CrossFit the first 3 classes are on us…you can sign-up for the 3 Free Classes HERE. We’re super excited about this innovative new class and look forward to meeting and seeing you soon.