Schedule & Fee Structure

Class Schedule and Fee Structure

Champlain Valley Community Fitness offers a variety of Functional Fitness classes/training times throughout the day during the week and in the morning on Saturday’s. Below is our live schedule of all current classes.



Our current membership options are seen below. We only offer monthly memberships. If you have additional membership questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships can be started at any time and will bill monthly dependent on what day you start on. These memberships are setup to auto-bill every month, however, if you leave town for vacation or other reasons all of the monthly memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 7 days as long as prior written notice is given. Membership freezes are capped at 4 times/year and 4 total weeks of freezes to be used as deemed fit, so that athletes don’t abuse the privilege. If you’d like to freeze your membership you must e-mail HERE at least 48 hours before the desired freeze date. While the memberships are based on a per week usage, they are sold as a total number of classes and thus can be used any way you like over the course of the month. None of our memberships are contractual, you can cancel at anytime, however 48 hours notice must be given before cancelling your membership.

  • 2 classes/week (sold as 9 classes) – $150/month – Sign-up HERE
  • 3 classes/week (sold as 13 classes) – $175/month – Sign-up HERE
  • Unlimited Classes – $200/month – Sign-up HERE
  • Open Gym Access Only – $125/month – Sign-up HERE

*All of our class based memberships also include unlimited Open Gym access in addition to the classes included.


We offer a couple of different discounts. If you’re eligible for any of the discounts these must be put in manually by someone on our staff, so you must sign-up in the gym.

If more than one member of your family is coming to our CrossFit gym we offer discounts on the above rates at 15% off for 2 people, and 20% off for 3 or more. These discounts cannot be stacked with other discounts such as a student discount. In order to maintain eligibility for these discounts, all members of the couple/family must maintain active memberships at the gym. If one individual in the couple/family stops coming to your membership pricing will change accordingly.

We offer a 20% discount for those aged 65+. In addition, we have a discounted student rate for full-time students (either High School students or College students taking 12 or more credits $150/month for unlimited classes). These discounts are meant to help those “outside” of the workforce. You must provide proof of eligibility to receive one of these discounts.

*Discounts are not applicable to Prep Course or Private Training.