Membership Structure

Champlain Valley CrossFit offers classes throughout the day during the week and in the morning on the weekend. Below is our typical schedule. By clicking here you will be able to see the most current and up to date schedule along with who is coaching each class.

*At Champlain Valley CrossFit there are two basic fee types. Regardless of what you do you will pay based on how often you come to class. There are monthly memberships and punch cards.

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships can be started at anytime and will bill monthly dependent on what day you start on. These memberships are setup to auto bill every month, however If you leave town for vacation or other reasons all of the monthly memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 7 days as long as prior written notice is given. While the memberships are based on a per week usage, they are sold as a total number of classes and thus can be used any way you like over the course of the month. Like most CrossFit affiliates, your memberships affords you the ability to use the facility during scheduled class times, and only scheduled class times. Your membership does not give you the ability to use the facility at your leisure, nor is this an option that we provide.

  • 2 classes/week (sold as 9 classes) – $110/month
  • 3 classes/week (sold as 13 classes) – $140/month
  • Unlimited Classes – $165/month

Punch Cards

Punch Cards can be used in any fashion you like within the there given expiration time. Punch Cards are sold in the following amounts.

  • 10 classes – $175 (good for 6 weeks)
  • 30 classes – $400 (good for 16 weeks)

We offer a 20% discount to military, first responders, etc. and 60+. In addition we have student rates as well. Discounts are not applicable to On-ramp, and you must provide proof of eligibility to receive discount.


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