*CVCF Gym Update – 5/18/20 – HERE

**9:00 AM Power Hour HERE (Password CVCF)


1a) Warm-up – Passive:

2 minutes “V” Wall Straddle

2 minutes Butterfly Stretch

Spend additional time mobilizing/stretching as needed.

1b) Warm-up – Active – 3 rounds for Quality:

10 Alternating Quad Stretch

10 Alternating Toe-Ups

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

For quality, not for time, perform at a pace that gets your heart rate up a little and warm.

2) Met-con – “Power Hour” – Every 1:00 x 60 sets:

1 – 20-40 Alternating Lunges

2 – 20-30 Banded Deadlifts

3 – 10-20 Banded Upright Rows

4 – 10-20 Banded Floor Press

5 – 6-12 Burpees

6 – 10-20 Box Jumps or House Hold Item Jump Overs

7 – 40 second Front Plank Hold

8 – 20-30 Alternating Windshield Wipers

The actual ordering of this workout will be announced live as we do it on Zoom at 9:00 AM. You will have 8 stations. We will be doing a randomized drawing of the movements ahead of time, so there is the possibility that some of the movements aren’t even done, while others could be done a lot, a true hopper style workout. In order to not let things get too crazy with movement rotations, we will be doing each movement for double sets, so there will be a total of 30 randomized draws. As always we encourage you to scale reps/weights/etc. up or down as needed depending on your abilities. . Equipment needed for this is a Band and a Box or Object to Jump on or Over.

*Workout order for today was…2,4,3,7,4,7,2,3,8,5,2,5,8,4,2,1,8,1,4,7,3,8,7,5,8,5,1,5,1,5

3) Accessory – Single Leg Balance: 4 sets of 30 seconds/leg

Find something difficult to balance on, could just be the flat ground, or could be some sort of object depending what is appropriate for you.

4) Secondary Conditioning: 3-4 Mile Run – Every 3:00 Perform 10 Jumping Air Squats

Be mindful we’ll be doing Murph or a variation of on Monday, pick an appropriate amount of volume for your capacity knowing this is coming.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE