Happy Monday everyone. We hope you all had an amazing weekend and got to enjoy some of that beautiful weather on Friday. As the temps drop, weather worsens, and we all work through this continued “new normal” we felt it appropriate and time to send out a few quick updates.

First and foremost we want to say thank you for all of the support and working with all of us through this pandemic. It’s shocking to think it’s already been over 7 months since we were forced to close our doors, and 4 months since CVCF was able to open back-up. It has certainly been a period of time that we will always remember, and at the same time, we are still unsure of what the the future holds for us. With that said, we are hopeful we will be able to continue in the fashion we have and get through the next 6 months to the best of our abilities, working to keep CVCF open and of course working to keep you all fit and healthy.

With that said, with increasing Covid-19 cases country and state wide, as we enter into what has been expected to likely be the hardest period of time for us in this pandemic we wanted to remind everyone, and also ask, that you please all both inside the gym and outside do your best to enact safe procedures and decisions in your daily lives as we move through the fall and winter. The ability for CVCF to stay open is obviously important for us as 3, (soon to be 4, we have hired a new coach full-time who will be moving to VT next week), rely on the gym as our full sources of income. In addition we know so many of you rely on CVCF as a place for your physical, mental, and currently, social health as well. I believe we all want to see the gym as a place we can get into over the coming months for so many different reasons. So, as we all take steps forward through this pandemic, and make decisions in our everyday lives, we ask that you keep in mind our entire community of individuals who call CVCF their gym that helps keep them fit both physically and mentally as we know this becomes ever more important for so many of us as we enter months of cold and prolonged hours of darkness.

To the best of our knowledge we also have to thank so many of you for being honest about your travels and properly self quarantining when you’ve travelled. If you do have travels coming up please be mindful of this, and we’d ask as a community that you be mindful of your travels and follow proper protocols as needed. We all want to see CVCF stay open so we have a place to work, play, suffer, and socialize through the winter. If you are traveling in the near future please be mindful of the country wide COVID map that Vermont updates weekly that reflects where it is and isn’t safe to travel without quarantining…map can be found HERE.  

As we look ahead to the coming months please be mindful of some small updates, as well as some general house-keeping items we’ve noticed we just want to remind people of.

  • As the weather starts to turn, and especially once snow hits the ground, we will revert to using just the front door for entry and exit. We have recently begun opening up the front door 10 minutes before class start time. This will not change, however we are going to start to phase towards just leaving the door unlocked when the weather changes, and expecting that you all can read the time on your phones, watches, etc. and enter the building at the designated time for your class. For those who are very particular about which training spot you get, you can certainly continue to line-up, or you can just wait in your car and enter the building when the clock hits 10 minute pre-class.
  • We’ve noticed that people have become more and more comfortable mingling after class and are starting to overlap with other classes. Please be mindful you need to be out the door, unless you’re in the bathroom showering, 5 minutes after your designated class time is over. We will be reminding people in classes of this as the clock gets close to exit time, but we would appreciate not having to feel like we’re chasing you guys out of the building and would love if you could all just be mindful of the timing of the classes…this gives you all 12 minutes post end of Met-con to catch your breath, clean-up, and make your way out.
  • We’re noticing some individuals are conveniently forgetting to clean their equipment when they’re done training. If you could all please make sure you are wiping your equipment down to the best of your abilities that would be most appreciated, otherwise we’ll have to start spacing out classes, which means less of them, so that we can clean equipment in between each session.
  • Boots! We’re seeing as the weather changes we’ve had athletes coming in in muddy boots and tracking dirt all around the building. As the weather is turning it would be most appreciated if you could start taking of shoes/boots in the mudroom area so that we aren’t all tracking dirt, snow, salt, etc. all over the building. There are open cubbies as well in the hallway, so if you want to leave your shoes and any other training gear at the gym please feel free to do so.
  • We’ve made an effort to get product stocked back into the gym. The kiosk is there for self-serve use. As always if there is a product you’d like to see us carry please let us know…we’re just about to pull the trigger on liquid chalk to keep in stock, let us know if that’s something that is of interest to you.
  • This hasn’t been a huge issue, but a reminder to please only sign-up for 1 class/day (or an open gym slot and a class), please don’t sign-up for back-t0-back class times, unless one is an open gym slot.
  • As the weather cools and we have gotten busier, also please be mindful of our late cancel policy. We’ve had a handful of people no show for full classes recently. A reminder that if you cancel on a full class within 2 hours of the class time it’s a $20 charge (we are doing our best to make this as fair as possible, as we don’t want to charge people for not showing-up, so if athletes are wait listed and the spot is filled we are not charging you for the late cancel as we’re able to fill the spot with someone else).
  • With the rising attendance due to weather changes, we will be adding 4 more stations over the coming month. This will bring us to 30 spots per session, at 8-9 sessions/day this provides our entire clientele base with a single spot every weekday. This should help ease the quick class fill on the few classes each week that tend to fill up.

That’s it for the moment. Thank you all so much for supporting each other and the gym. If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way.


-The CVCF Team