We’re Free!!!

Happy Sunday everyone. With the very quick and recent changes on top of some other notes we’ve been needing to get out, we wanted to get some info out to you regarding some upcoming items at the gym along with the obvious changes we’re now allowed to enact as of Friday.


As I assume most, if not all of you know already, on Friday, the Governor announced that the state of VT would be immediately falling in-line with the new CDC Federal Guidelines. This is something that we certainly weren’t expecting quite so soon so it is leaving us scrambling just a little bit but we are trying to make quick changes so that we can capitalize on the opportunity of getting as much as possible back to normal at the gym. Unfortunately this isn’t just a flip of the switch, we have a lot of re-building and re-designing to get the gym back to its new, and what will be normal form of functionality.

As we have done since we originally had to close CVCF last March, we will continue to follow the guidance put forth by the State/CDC. We have done nothing more, and nothing less this entire time which seems to have worked out quite well. We’ve had zero known Covid transmissions within the gym, we’ve been able to continue to get everyone regular exercise/training to keep their minds and bodies healthy, and from what we know, we haven’t had anyone in our community who did catch Covid come down with any serious symptoms which I think we can all agree is a great testament to all of your hard work in keeping yourselves fit and healthy.

Lastly, from general conversations within the gym we are under the impression we have an extremely high vaccination rate within our community (we already know it’s extremely high within Chittenden County) so we feel very comfortable following through with the new guidelines.

As we move forward, again, please be mindful, this isn’t a flip of the switch, we can’t change everything overnight, and it will likely take us the next 1-2 weeks to get everything back to normal. So, the following items below are what we are changing coming into this week, Monday, May 17th…if there is something not listed, that means the protocol hasn’t changed and remains the same.

  • Masks – we will be following the new State/CDC Mask Guidelines. If you ARE vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask, if you are NOT vaccinated you should be wearing a mask. We will not be policing this situation, we will not be asking anyone this specific information, as despite this being a global issue, it is also still a private and personal issue as well in which we understand both sides of the coin, and just as we do with things like our self-serve kiosk, we will be working on the honor system. All of our coaching staff is partially or fully vaccinated so we will be following the appropriate protocols. If you are more concerned about the situation and would like to continue to wear a mask, please feel free to do so…we have some 300 people that train at CVCF so we know and understand that we run the full gambit of levels of caution and uncertainty regarding the situation.
  • Classes/Sign-up – By end of day today we should have a large portion of the gym renovated/re-designed, but this is a large under-taking and will likely take another 1-2 weeks to full complete. When you go to sign-up you will already see we have made some changes to the schedule structure. As laid out in our previous update, the main gym will stay as station based layout with a gear rack for every 2-3 athletes. As we finish today we will have 26 spots in the main gym area. The back room has had all of the stations removed and will go back to a typical CrossFit/Gym setup, a space with a bunch of gear that you grab and pull-out as necessary. For now we are going to cap the back room sign-up at 12 people. Please be mindful, if a class is completely full, the 26 spots in the main room, you can still sign-up, and take class you just won’t have a designated spot in the back room, you’ll find your space and set your own gear up…i.e. the way our gym functioned for almost 10 years and how almost every CrossFit gym and Globo gym functions. This will bring our current attendance up drastically from 30 to 38. We still have a good bit of renovations to complete to finish the build-out and bring us up to full capacity but for now that will help with the busier times. A few bullet points for you guys for the changes.
    • 26 Stations for sign-up in the main gym
    • 12 Spots for sign-up for the back room for Open Gym
    • Please be mindful, for every class that is scheduled there is a matching Open Gym sign-up…make sure you sign-up for the right thing.
    • Open Gym slots can now be signed-up for right up to the start time, so if you forget or are late to sign-up you can at least grab an Open Gym spot up to the actual start time.
    • We’ve moved the late cancel back to just 1 hour before classes (up to the start time for Open Gym). This will hopefully help some of you who can be on tight schedules. We will still be charging a cancellation fee if you Late Cancel on a full class and the spot is not filled by someone on the wait-list.
    • Enter and Exit protocols HAVE NOT CHANGED. This will be one of the last things to change once we get the facility fully renovated and re-built.
  • Cleaning – Going forward the gear cleaning protocols can now change. As we move forward we’re going to continue to leave the mop bucket out along with the spray bottles and rags. You DO NOT need to sanitize and clean everything you use, especially stuff like bands, plates, etc. But, if you cover a Medball in sweat and chalk, use an Abmat, tear your hand and bleed on a Pull-up bar, please give stuff a wipe down appropriately. Also as we come into summer and the warmer months, those who tend to really partake in the activity of perspiring, if you don’t mind continuing to hit your Sweat Angel’s with the mop bucket, I know we would all appreciate that.
  • Station Layout – A last little note. While the stations aren’t entirely built out yet, again this will be a process of the next 1-2 weeks, please be mindful of the overall design and setup. The front part of the room, 12 stations, will slightly smaller spots, and the weights will be slightly lighter. Not that there aren’t heavier weights and enough space for a barbell, they’re just a little tighter. So, we’d encourage, if you know you’re definitely not touching a barbell to try to opt to the front half of the room. The back side of the room which will ultimately be 16 stations, will be slightly larger boxes, slightly heavier weights, will have stations for Muscle-ups, etc. We’d just ask and encourage you guys to be aware of where you get yourself setup based on what you need for space/gear so we can make sure everyone in classes has the best setup possible for what they’re doing that day.

Again those are our only changes for right now, if it’s not listed, then the protocols haven’t changed. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Membership Changes

This has been something that has been on the horizon for a little while now. As we continue to work to provide and develop the premier CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning facility around it is finally time for our us to change our pricing structure. Locally, with our two main competitors charging 20% and 30% more than we do, while offering less, and having not touched our pricing structure since 2013 it has come time to do so. We wanted to give everyone ample time to digest and plan, and we hope the small increase in pricing is something that you can make fit in your budget. We will still be considerably cheaper than our competitors, offering what we believe to be the best value in the area when it comes to the service/business that we provide. Our new pricing structure will go into affect June 1st for all NEW sign-ups. For all of our existing members, i.e. everyone who is reading this, we will be adjusting your membership prices January 1st, 2022, giving you all over 7 months to prepare for the pricing change. We’ve had a number of members push us to raise our prices to be more competitive over the years, if any of you in that boat would like to start paying the new rate earlier please let us know and we’ll make the adjustment.

Going forward as of June 1st, and changing at the end of year for all members our pricing structure will be the following…

  • 2x/week (9 classes/month) – $125/month
  • 3x/week (13 classes/month) – $150/month
  • Unlimited Classes – $175/month

*Couples, Family, Student, and 65+ discounts will all stay as is.

CrossFit Semi-Finals – Atlas Games June 18-20

As many of you know Dani recently finished within the top 120 in the CrossFit Quarter Finals earning her a spot at Semi-Finals and a chance to qualify for the Games. She has upped her training regiment drastically the last month and has been getting after in hopes of earning and 8th trip to the CrossFit Games. Because of the nature of the Global environment, the event she has been placed in to compete at has moved online, which means she will be doing all of the events at CVCF. We felt this would be a prime opportunity in conjunction with what we figured would be loosened Covid restrictions by the time of the competition to turn this into a community event.

So, the weekend of the Atlas Games we will be running a modified gym schedule (to be announced as we get closer), and will be making an in-house event out of the Atlas Games. Curtis and Vanessa will be supporting Dani by doing the workouts along side her, and we are going to invite everyone in to come and watch, and treat the event also as an Open House for any of you to bring in friends to check-out the gym, watch a workout, hangout, etc. We’ll be working with some companies to setup a couple of little vendor booths. All around we felt this would be a great opportunity to help bring our entire community together to hangout for the first time in almost 2 years all while supporting Dani and making our own little competition.

That’s it for the moment. We’ll be updating you all with more information as we’re able to make more changes and get the gym closer and closer to normal. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy the sun, have and awesome Sunday, and we’ll see you tomorrow!