We hope this message finds everyone having an awesome weekend. After a few weeks of tearing things down, re-arranging, and re-building we are pretty much ready to go.  We still have a couple of things to clean-up and organize, but the gym is largely setup how it will remain going forward. Thank you all for your patience during this time. So, with that, we will be opening back-up to full normalcy as of tomorrow, Monday, June 7th. What this means, tried to keep it simple, check the bullet points below.

  • Gym Hours

    • (Monday – Thursday) 5:30 AM – 1:30 PM & 3:45 PM – 7:45 PM
    • (Friday) 5:30 AM – 1:30 PM & 3:15 PM – 7:15 PM
    • (Saturday) 7:45 AM – 11:45 AM
    • (Sunday) Closed (we will look at bringing Sunday’s back in the near future if there is demand for it)
      • The gym is NOT open in the middle of the day, we ask that you please be respectful of this and don’t show-up at 2:00 PM looking to workout. This is our down time to close-up shop and run errands, clean, do personal training, or for us to workout.
  • Enter and Exit Flow

    • Now that we are past Covid oriented restrictions you no longer need to wait outside to come into building. Please feel free to come in whenever you want. If you are coming in early we’ve setup the lobby as a warm-up and mobility area, so this is where you can hang out to warm-up or cool-down after class. This isn’t something we’ve had before and for us to make this work, as a gym and community, we ask that you please be respectful of both the coaches and your fellow athletes during the start of classes. Please refrain from using machines, and please keep your voice low during the first 20 minutes of class if you’re hanging out after your class mobilizing in the lobby or doing cool-down work.
    • Our class structure will change slightly going forward now that we don’t have the more aggressive cleaning protocols and can have athletes overlap in the building. This means we will be utilizing the entire hour class instead of removing 7 minutes for clean-up like we have been doing the last year. If you are taking class there will still be 15 minute down-times between classes, we ask that you make sure you’re out of your spots by 10 minutes post class finish so that the next group of athletes can grab themselves a spot. If you’re coming into class, please also be respectful of people finishing their training, please don’t go hover over the person in “the” spot you want 60 seconds after the workout ends, please let people have their 10 minutes to catch their breath, maybe spin out on their machine for a minute and get themselves out of the space.
    • When finishing up training, now that we are used to cleaning everything this last year, we are going to leave cleaning supplies out, and just ask that if you cover something in chalk or sweat you clean-up after yourself, otherwise you do not need to wipe down every Band, Plate, Dumbbell, etc. but if you’ve had your way with a Wall Ball and it’s covered in sweat and chalk, please clean it.
  • Class Sign-up Protocols

    • As a reminder we wanted to just layout gym sign-up structure. We decided to do away with the back conditioning space and instead opted to put in 2 spots there that we needed more. Again, if you’re looking to just do a little cool-down or warm-up work, make use of the lobby area, if you’re looking to do more of a training session/workout on a machine, grab a spot in the back room. So with our new structure we have ended up with 27 dedicated training stations, we are currently capping the attendance in the back room at 12 and will adjust as needed, and finally the lobby is available for warm-up and cool-down work. In terms of general class sign-up specifics…
      • All classes open for sign-up 24 hours in advance.
      • All classes close for sign-up 1 hour prior to the class.
      • Open Gym sign-up is open up the minute of the start of the block.
      • Late Cancel for classes is anything within an hour (if you late cancel on a capped out class and your spot is not filled with whatever time is left you will be charged a $10 fee)
      • If you are on a limited class plan and late cancel or no show your class will be lost (if for instance you know you are going to be late and not make a class and opt to the next one, make sure you remove yourself from the first class prior to the 1 hour window otherwise you will be dinged for both classes)
      • For those who primarily train on their own, Open Gym, please don’t hesitate to sign-up for multiple sessions in a row, we have yet to cap the back room-out in the last 2 weeks, so until that becomes an issue please free to sign-up for multiple Open Gym sessions in a row as needed.
      • If a class is full, PLEASE sign-up for an Open Gym slot in the back room. There is absolutely no reason you can’t do the workout back there, coaches will help you get started, and get you flowing right with the class.

That should cover it in regards to overall class and gym flow. We are super excited for how we’ve re-designed the space, and feel that the investment we’ve made will continue to set us apart in terms of the space and facility we offer to you guys. With that said, one quick ask, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for this all to work as best as possible for all of you, put equipment back where you found it. As soon as gear just starts going back wherever, it defeats the entire purpose of what we’ve tried to design for you guys, so it would be greatly appreciated if you can all put equipment back where it came from.

Running Clinic

A reminder that Kasey Hill, one of our members, super awesome athlete, and Track & Field coach, will be doing a running clinic this Friday, the 11th. There will be an AM and PM session, sign-up links are below and you can read more about Kasey in her bio below.

          – 9:30 AM Session – Sign-up HERE

          – 4:00 PM Session – Sign-up HERE


“Kasey Hill enters her fifth year as an assistant coach for Vermont Track & Field. In her role, she coaches the sprints, hurdles, jumps, relays and combined-events.
Hill, a native of Montgomery Center, Vermont and former North Country Union High School standout, went on to compete collegiately at Boston College. A 2007 graduate of Business Administration and German, she was inducted into the BC Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014.

Hill is the BC record holder in the pentathlon, heptathlon, 60m hurdles and outdoor high jump and holds top-10 performances in 11 additional events. She was the first and only Boston College field athlete to earn All-American honors and was a two-time All-American during her career with the Eagles. She finished fourth in the heptathlon at the NCAA Outdoor Championships during her senior season.
In her post-collegiate career, Hill represented Team USA in numerous international meets. She finished fourth at the 2010 USATF Championships and competed at the U.S. Olympic Trials in 2008 and 2012.

Hill also brings several years of coaching experience to Vermont. She served as a volunteer assistant coach at Harvard University and for the Cambridge Jets Track Club from 2008-2009. In addition, she was a volunteer assistant coach at Kansas State University for two years and an assistant coach with the Wildcats for one year. While there, she helped coach two NCAA Division I national champions in her role guiding athletes in sprints, jumps, hurdles, and combined-events.

During her time at UVM, Hill has coached athletes to 15 school records in the 400m, 500m, 600m, 4x400m Relay, Sprint Medley Relay and 4x200m Relay. Additionally, she has coached three conference champions and 14 All-Conference performances.”

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope you have an awesome rest of your weekend and look forward to another great week of training.

– The CVCF Team