CVCF Community!

We are excited to announce that we are preparing for the 2021 CrossFit Open and that we are planning to run our 2nd Annual CVCF Intramural Open with YOU!  We will run the Open workouts on Saturday mornings and we want to get as many CVCF members involved as possible!  Our focus is to safely have FUN working out together, push ourselves a little outside of our comfort zones, while sharing a weekly workout with the global CrossFit community!

Here are the logistical details…

  • The initial three CrossFit Open competition dates at CVCF will be March 13th, March 20th and March 27th, 2021.
  • All CVCF Intramural participants will be expected to follow all Vermont State mandated Covid-19 policies and practices.
  • The Open workouts will be run Saturday morning, we will be adjusting our class schedule accordingly based on how many athletes we have sign-up for the Open. 
    • Based on sign-up we will be pairing athletes in different 1 hour time slots starting somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 AM. This will be the only time you will be able to participate in the workout and have it judged.
    • We will be keeping at least the 8:00 AM class on Saturday morning, and will plan accordingly from there based on Open sign-up. We will be asking you all that if you sign-up to participate in the Open, PLEASE do not sign-up for the morning class(es) as well, we would like to get as many individual athletes through the building in the morning for a workout as possible.
  • We will assign participants to one of CVCF Intramural Teams. Number of teams and when you go will be dictated by total sign-up.
    • During the class time, we will offer a short warm-up period, review the movement standards and cue the start and end of the workout.
    • We will offer 2 heats during each Open Class/Block.  Half of the athletes will complete the workout first while the other half of the athletes will judge.  For the second part of class, roles will be reversed and the athletes who completed the workouts will judge while the athletes who judged the first heat will complete the workout.
    • Teammates who require certified judges must make arrangements to have a certified judge in advance of the start of the class time (for any athletes looking to make it to the second stage, the “Quarter Finals” you will likely need to have a certified judge. We always have a number of people who take the judges course, so as always if you’re interested in doing that, please feel free to do so. In addition if you’re looking to participate by just lending a hand and judging, please reach out and let us know).
    • Athletes will be responsible for cleaning their stations at the end of the class time and exiting the building before the start of the next class.
  • We will follow the CrossFit Open age and scaling standards as well as the CrossFit Games Rulebook.  Athletes may complete any workout they want in a given week – Prescribed, Scaled, Foundations and Equipment-Free.  Scores will be ranked within your team based on the workout completed. We will score all prescribed workouts first (including the prescribed versions of workouts for Masters, Teens and Adaptive athletes), followed by scaled, foundations and equipment free workouts.
    • To learn more about CrossFit Open scoring and competitive opportunities, please review the CrossFit Games Rulebook HERE
  • If you are not able to participate in the Saturday workouts, you may complete the workout on your own on Friday or Monday by making a reservation for a class and using your training space as an open gym space.  You will be responsible for video-taping your workout to verify your score.   
  • The cost to participate in the CVCF Intramural Open is $30.00 and will cover the cost of our event and the T-shirt!  Please click HERE to SIGN-UP NO LATER THAN Friday, February 26th, 2021 for the CVCF Intramural Open if you want a T-Shirt (if you sign-up after this date a T-Shirt will not be available as we need two weeks lead time to get them.  If you sign-up later than this date, you will not get the event T-shirt.) When signing up, please be sure to complete the Google form at the end of Push-Press event sign-up so that we have your T-shirt size.
  • Athletes who wish to be considered for the CrossFit Open Individual Quarter Finals, Semifinals, CrossFit Open Affiliate Cup Team Quarter Finals, and the Age Group and Adaptive Qualifier events as well as athletes who wish to have their scores included in the Worldwide CrossFit Open database must sign-up for the CrossFit Open through the CrossFit Games website.  There is an additional cost of $20.00 due to CrossFit for the 2021 CrossFit Open registration.  Athletes must be officially registered for the CrossFit Open in order to be eligible for the next stages of the CrossFit Games season.  Registrations must be completed NO LATER THAN Monday, March 15th, 2021. To be clear, by signing up for the CVCF 2021 Intramural Open, you are NOT signed-up for the actual CrossFit Open, this is a second step you will need to take IF you are interested in also registering for the Worldwide Open. Please click HERE to SIGN-UP for the CrossFit Open.  To learn more about the CrossFit Open, please visit the CrossFit Open website HERE
  • Please note that the ONLY time we will complete the CrossFit Open workouts each week will be during the Saturday morning CVCF Intramural Open class times.

Here are the important sign-up dates and links…

  • Sign-up by February 26th, 2021 – Sign-up for the 2nd Annual CVCF Intramural Open HERE
  • Sign-up by March 15th, 2021 – Sign-up for the CrossFit Open HERE. (Cost $20.00 to CrossFit, LLC).

We are so excited to celebrate the resiliency and hope of our CVCF community and we want to mark a new year of CVCF fitness with YOU and the 2nd Annual CVCF Intramural Open! We can’t wait to share in the fun, the challenges and the joys of the CrossFit Open soon! 

Please reach out with ANY questions you have, otherwise we look forward to getting after it and throwing down with you all.

The CVCF Team

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