We’re excited to see you’ve decided to join CVCF. As a new member during an unprecedented time with a number of restrictions and guidelines to our business we have some basic info you will need to be aware of, and will need to follow when training at CVCF. Please be aware there is NO grey area on any of this, it’s either follow the guidelines we have set in place or you will be unable to train with us. As/if restrictions and guidelines ease up, we will be on top of things as we want to get our business back to a sense of normalcy whenever we are able.


Please create an account to access the private part of our website so you can access daily programming for our gym along with our News/Events blog for up to date information.


In addition you will be able to find the programming on the Push press Member Portal” app. The app is not super robust, so the programming is not laid out quite as cleanly, and will not have any media on it, but for quick reference on your phone when in the gym or ahead of time, this will be the quickest, easiest way to access the programming.

Class Sign-up

From there please download the “Push Press Member Portal” app. You will need to use this to sign-up for classes/training sessions (again you can also access the programming here). Please be mindful of the following…

  • Class sign-ups open 24 hours before a class starts.
  • Class sign-ups close 1 hour before class starts.
  • If you sign-up for a class that fills and you no show you will be charged a $20 fee.
  • You can only sign-up for one session per/day, if you’d like to sign-up for a second session after you initial one that will be done by the coaches on staff based on availability at the following class.

If you do not sign-up and reserve a spot in a class/training block you won’t be allowed in the gym. If you are unsure of what your username and password is to get into the app under your profile, please send us an e-mail and we will send you a reset link for this.

COVID Guidlines

In terms of COVID related guidelines and restrictions, please be aware of the following…

  • Doors will open for your designated class/training session 10 minutes before stated class time.
  • Doors will close and be locked 5 minutes after stated class/training session start time. No entrance will be allowed after this time.
  • You must wear a mask into the building and as you move about the building. Once in your dedicated training space you can remove your mask.
  • Upon entering the building you must go either wash or sanitize your hands at any of the hand sanitizer stations.
  • Any and all belongings must travel with you to your training spot.
  • At the end of class you will have 7 minutes to wipe down and clean your equipment before exiting out the back door.
  • If there are open sessions in the following class you may stay and sign-up for a second session (if you are not on an unlimited membership this will count as one of your allotted sessions for the month).


If you are brand new to CrossFit, and aren’t super knowledgeable in the gym atmosphere, you will follow our baseline programming, “Move” for the first 4 weeks you train at CVCF. From there you can make jumps to our different training progressions based on your interest and general body awareness/movement quality.

If you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate, or well versed in Strength and Conditioning you are free to follow whatever programming you find suits your needs best.

If you have any questions about anything above, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Engage With Our Community

While we know you’ll see people in the gym, we’ve got a great private Facebook group for people to share their training, ask questions, and just further become part of the community at CVCF. We’d love to have you join so feel free to request access.


If you have any additional questions before coming into your first class please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The CVCF Team