We hope everyone is having a fabulous morning to round out the weekend. Hard to believe we’re already through the entire month of January and a week into February. Before we know it the doors will be open and sun will be shining into the gym. We first wanted to start off by just saying thank you. We’re not sure any of us believed we’d be in such a position right now a year ago, you can certainly count on life to keep us on our toes. Thank you for continuing to support CVCF, for following our guidelines which has allowed us to stay open, and for being kind and respectful of one another which in such a time is so incredibly important. As we continue to march through the winter we appreciate your continued support and cooperation in helping us keep the gym running in a streamlined fashion. Believe us, there is no one more than us that want to see things go back to normal, but for now we unfortunately know that is still a little ways off. In the meantime we’ll continue doing what we’re doing while planning for what things will look like when we can trend back to normal operating policies. In the meantime just a few quick updates for you all.

Programming Update

We’ve got something new and exciting rolling out tomorrow for the programming. While many of you will likely not notice a single thing different, many of you who are more in-tune with whats going on and into your training will likely notice a shift. After years of working around a weekly timeline as almost everyone does in the industry we’ve decided to give a try and move away from that. This is something that has slowly been trickled into the programming recently and some changes and structures we have personally been working with and experimenting with. We’re not going to go in depth about what/how/why, but we can tell you that, at least to our knowledge no one in the CrossFit space is programing their gyms workouts in this kind of manner and this kind of structure. We’ve always tried to lead from the front with what we do, and this is no different, CrossFit has evolved in the 10+ years we’ve been involved in the sport and the business, and we have always continued to evolve with it, no different with this, we just view it as another step in the direction of improvement and efficiency in all of your training, and a way to continue to differentiate ourselves from those who are still programming for their gyms the way they did 10 years ago.

We’re excited how things will work and excited to see how your training plays out for you. We will be working in 4 week blocks as we have done in the past with most of our programming and structures, starting off initially with a 4 week balanced block, we won’t be prioritizing anything in particular aside from a slight bias to the movements/loadings that we are likely to see in the CF Open which many of you are participating in. The one large theme you will see go away from our programming is the regimented weekly structure. While we will still be working with our weekly outline of Strength and Conditioning work on M/T/W/F, and just conditioning oriented work on TH/S, within those weeks you will no longer see every Monday as a Squat heavy day, Wednesday as more upper body, etc. Again, we’ve moved out of this tightly confined 1 week block/rotation and will be looking at larger 4 weeks blocks moving forward. Our Accessory programming will continue to be written and matched based off of the given day’s class works as well and the days pre and post.

We look forward to continued dedication and hard work in the gym, and we look forward to seeing you guys in tomorrow, to yes, Squat, we will be starting this block off with a Squat day!

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Laura will be running another 2 Youth Strength and Conditioning sessions over the next couple of months. Dates and Links to sign-up are below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • 2/16/21 – 3/14/21 (No Saturday 3/6/21 – 7 sessions only) – Sign-up HERE
  • 3/16/21 – 4/9/21 – Sign-up HERE

The CrossFit Open

We sent an e-mail out last week with all the details, but for those who might have slipped and missed it you can read all the details about the Open, participating, etc. at the link HERE

That’s it for the moment, just a couple of quick things. We hope you all have an awesome rest of your weekend and we look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.

The CVCF Team